Founded in 1984, Dynashape is a California based company that provides businesses with a professional platform
in multi-category body curvation clothing design and manufacturing.  Dynashape originally started as a foundation
garment manufacturer specializing in brassier. It subsequently used its expertise in brassier to expand its garment
niche to encompass related body curve fitted lines.

From yarn to final silhouette, from product development to branded goods, Dynashape has extensive experience in
the industry working with many prestigious clients. Our main categories are intimate apparel, seamless clothing,

costume, knitted socks, and sportswear. A few of our customers include: Delta Galil, Mothers Work, Leading Lady,

Fila, DKNY, Felina, Maidenform, International Intimates (Rene Rofe)…etc.

Headquartered in Alhambra, California, our research and technical team are experts in the Santoni seamless production
of body wrapping clothing-- intimate apparel, leggings, camisole, and sportswear.  Our design team produces clothing
ith the latest fashion, yarn, and trim for brand customers in the industry. In the past, our team has worked with DKNY
to develop and produce an entire seamless intimate apparel line.

Our reputation and track record of being a reliable Far East source makes us the best choice for any brand name to
consider as a private label partner. We have equity positions with over four factories and working relations with a dozen
certified manufactures offshore. Our close relationship with suppliers overseas provides a formidable competitive edge.